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Let’s take the best of it, and forget the rest. We Do Can Have It All

After the Industrial Age – Let’s take the best of it, and forget the rest.

We Do Can Have It All



„I wanna be a billionaire, so … bad.”


Yes, we all wanted to be billionaires.

But why?


What do we hope, for being rich?

What are the things, we will have?

Let’s think about it, for a minute.


A nice car. For a start.

A nice house. Or two.

Good healthcare.

Safe retirement.

Safe schools for our children.


Now, with the COVID-19 virus, we only want to stay healthy.

We never knew, how much we can pray for our lives.


So first, we need our health, back.

Then what?


What if we could all have these things.


What if you could live in a house, where you do not have to pay rent?

What if you could have a car? Not the best one, but a nice, safe car.

What if, you could get access for good healthcare?

What if you could be sure about your future? Even for the retirement years?

What if you will never worry again about your child’s education?


This would be, like Haven, isn’t it?


And it is possible.

In History, people tried it, many times. They just did not have the tools for that.


Now, we, here, after the wealth of the industrial age,

and the comfort of the information age,

we can combine the greatness of these Ages.


In the After-Industrial Age, now we have a chance to build our Heaven on Earth.


The World starts to wake up. We can just simply change our lives.

Connected. Caring. Focused on our richness – without worrying about money.

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After The Industrial Age – Plan for our Survival.


One day a very rich turist met a poor guy. The poor guy was fishing, peacefully.

The sky was blue, the water was clean, the birds were singing, the trees were beautiful.

The rich guy started asking questions to the poor man. How much fish does he catch a day? For how much could he sell them? How fast could he be rich?

The poor guy answered everything, calmly.

Then he asked back: what will I do then, when I will be rich, with my money?

The rich one replied: you can buy a car, and a lake, and you can relax and just fishing, peacefully.

Well, I can do that now – said the poor guy, and smiled.


Here we are.


In the middle of a storm. All afraid, confused, waiting for a vaccine for Covid-19 virus. A miracle, today.


Strange and surprising, but NOW is the time, when we have the chance for our dream life.

Safety, family, health, home.

All have a new meaning from now on.


I have a dream.

My dream is a world, where we all live in peace. We all respect each other. We all need each other and we all work together.


We can be sure about our future. We are all, part of the Flow.


The flow of goods, the flow of food, the flow of money.

The flow of kindness and the appreciation of our work.


The flow of the goods dont stop, so we dont want more and more. We dont need more.

We dont have to spare money for our retirement, because we will have it.


We are all safe. We will have everything tomorrow, as well as today.

No more worries, just the flow.



What do we have to do now?


Stay at home

Stay away from others

Stay int he flow.



How can we do that?


We have to restart our society.

We start from where we are.


  1. Stay at home.


From now on, your household is your little space-ship.

You are safe, while you are at home, with your family.


When you leave your house, protect your full body.

When you arrive home, clean everything.


Use homedelivery for everything.



  1. Stay away from others.


Keep distance, this will save your life now. Covid-19 virus is dangerous, and we want to stay healthy.


New rules of social distance and hygenia is coming.



  1. Stay int he Flow.


The Flow means, you get money for your job, even if you work in your own home.

The Flow means, you buy goods locally – from people, who live around.

The Flow means, you sell goods locally – to people, who live around.


If you have a shop, you are part of the Flow, and sell in your neighborhood.

If you have a firm, you are part of the Flow, and produce goods for your neighborhood.


Just stay in the Flow.


If we all grab each other’s hand, we can all survive.



25th of March 2020

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